A culmination of the culture of the black church, coupled  with the  desire to exhibit the connectedness and unity between black bodies just as much as displaying the depreciating value upon it, I give to you “Eye Catchers: Black Bodies under the African American Crown”

I’d recently had a conversation with a fellow Black artist about her ideas on doing a podcast centered on the duration of creating art. It was this discussion that I presented to her the idea of creating something that dealt with Black people supporting one another, or rather capturing the physical side of holding one another up. 

Days following the discussion, Danye Jones, a 24 year old black man and son of Ferguson protester Melissa McKinnies was lynched near their home. It was after hearing and reading about his death that the symbol of a black target became very prevalent in my mind. In these sweltering political and social times, it is heavily important as an artist that I use my the skills that I was given to create works that bring about discussion. To capture the beauty and value of the black body and how it contrarily becomes depreciated in a matter of moments due to heinous racially motivated killings. 

Culturally in the black church woman who’d worn large flamboyant hats used it as a way of presenting oneself before God in the hopes of ones prayers being heard. Similarly, I intend to use these tropes in the same manner that our hopes of protecting Black people may one day be heard and recognized as an issue that is literally losing its life to be changed.